Perfect by natasha friend book report

The author lets the readers make up their own minds about the situation. Why does this ha I almost started bad habits and said very ugly things to my family and this was were books became part of my foundation more that they ever were for me and reliever and a place I could escape life.

Told in Isabelles voice, you see where shes coming from and shes not judged for where shes at or where shes going. She think that writing in her journal, and making herself throw up was her exercise. I found Isabelle irritating at first, but at the end you start feeling sympathy for her.

In this book, I could make a text to text connection. Tasia Webster Have you ever made yourself throw up because you didn't like your weight.

Royalty--walks through the door. Also it teaches that everyone should be nice to everyone because you never know what they're going through in their daily life.

Just like every girl she has some issues with her body and just problems with her family. But, one day when her evil 10 year old sister, April Ape Facewalks into her leaning over the toilet forcing herself throw up, she ratts her out to her mother.

Pass the orange juice. But in Group she out Ashley, the most popular girl in school is also there. I picked this up at the library cause I was just looking for a quick, easy read. Her mom and younger sister are all having problems coping with his death, too, but they never seem to talk about it.

Then, i finally decided with 3. And in the morning everyone pretends like they never cried once in their lives. Its inevitable, I suppose, but some of it is downright scary. Amal Bedhyefi Writing on such delicate subject in a book targeting mainly teenagers years old is a huge responsibility in which Natasha has failed miserably.

The damaged relationship between Isabelle and her mother is a key element of the book, as is the acknowledgment that eating disorders are becoming problems for younger and younger girls.

What is the setting of the book

Lola Eating disorders have always been an area of interest for me. I liked the fact that Ashley, the girl who is considered perfect in every way, shows up to Group. It turns out that Ashley also has bulimia. In this book it tells the story of Isabelle Lee who is basically your normal teenage girl.

Then I was a freshman in high school with an anorexic friend, and things changed. Isabelle, her mother, and her younger sister April all miss him desperately, but they can't seem to talk about him or even acknowledge the pain they all feel after his death: Isabelle is probably my favorite.

Emm - The Ordinary Shadow You are never alone in anything, no matter how it feels. Ever since her dad died two years ago, she, her mother, and sister has been grieving. The only twist is that the family of the main character, Isabelle, is coping with the tragic death of her father. Isabelle Lee Cool name, by the way is.

Natasha Friend is the award-winning author of Perfect, Lush, Bounce, For Keeps, My Life in Black and White, Where You'll Find Me, The Other F-Word, and How We Roll/5(K). Wow I thought Perfect and her newest book LUSH were completely awesome. I hope she really makes new books based on topics like these.

She is a terrific author Natasha Friend. I just finished Lush this evening and I was upset because i never wanted it to end. If she makes more books I. Sep 16,  · Perfect by Natasha Friend, is a book about a girl named Isabelle Lee, who has and eating disorder.

She is thirteen years old, and the book tells about how her life is and all the problems that are going on, since her dad died/5(12K). Feb 28,  · Above all, Natasha Friend's debut novel stresses the need to talk about problems, to bring them to the surface before they cause irreversible damage.

PERFECT is the perfect book to get those conversations Resolved. Perfect by Natasha Friend Natasha Friend's book, Perfect, has a fairly simple story about a teenage girl with an eating disorder.

The only twist is that the family of the main character, Isabelle, is coping with the tragic death of her father/5. The book, "Perfect," by Natasha Friend is an excellent book. It is a story of a girl trying to cope with the loss of her father, developing an unexpected yet wonderful friendship, and discovering the difference between appearance and reality.

Perfect by natasha friend book report
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